Travel Guide: Top-4 Places to Visit in Brussels on Post-Pandemic Period

Brussels is the city of architecture, fantastic places to eat and shop, and museums of all sizes and shapes. On top of that, this city has numerous neighbourhoods where you still can experience the authentic atmosphere of the old Brussels. You should spend at least three days in Brussels to see all its major city attractions. Unfortunately, the COVID pandemic brought tourism to its knees and Belgium also suffered from it. Today, all essential trips to this country are forbidden. But if you need to visit Brussels, you must have a negative PCR test.

We hope that very soon, the pandemic will end and we will get back to normal life. Let’s take a closer look at top travel destinations in Brussels for you to plan your journey to Brussels.

Grand Place

This square is located in the centre of Brussels. It’s the heart of the city that was founded in 979 by the Duke of Lower Lorraine. It’s a fantastic place that has been granted a UNESCO World Heritage label. On top of that, it’s the most beautiful European Square and the main tourist destination in Brussels.

Centuries ago, it was an old market where merchants sold their goods. In those days, it was the heart of Belgium. In current times, it is the main cultural hub of the city where numerous events take place.


Brussels is a city of museums of all sizes and shapes. Atomium is one of them. Today, it’s the main icon of the city that was built 50 years ago. This incredible museum stands 102 m tall and includes nine stainless steel spheres, connected with each other by tubes. This structure forms the shape of an iron crystal that was magnified 165 billion times. There’s also a restaurant and a few exhibition halls located inside.

Royal Palace

If you want to see how the royal family lives, go to the Royal Palace of Brussels – the official palace of the King and Queen, located close to Brussels Park. However, they don’t live there; they only welcome dear guests in this palace. The history of this building goes back to the Middle Ages. So if you want to see it with your own eyes, you should undoubtedly visit it, when in Brussels.

Parc Cinquantenaire

It’s a large urban park of 30 ha, located in the easternmost part of the European Quarter in Brussels, Parc Cinquantenaire is dominated by a beautiful picturesque arch with three arches. A myriad of various activities (celebrations, sporting events, concerts, etc.) usually takes place in this park. Parc Cinquantenaire was built in 1880 for the 50th anniversary of independence in Belgium.

Overall, Brussels won’t leave indifferent even the most exacting travellers. You should find the time to visit these places. Brussels airport taxi service in Brussels can meet you at International Brussels Airport and take you to all these city attractions with comfort! We have a wide array of taxis to choose from, book your taxi online, and you won’t miss out on a world of opportunities when in Brussels!

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